Two Curious Hobbits

Merry’s eyes widened at the question and he gaped slightly, unable to repress the stupid smile that took over his face. Shooting his looks down and trying not to laugh, he murmured, “Um, well…I can assure you, grey face, that-“

Pippin lifted his head off of Merry’s shoulder to stare, confused, at the other hobbit. “But Mer’, wha’ d’they mean by ‘tops’? D’they mean like bunk beds, d’ye think? Or mebbe they meant like when we made tha’ cake, and ye got t’ put all the icing and berries on top.” Pippin stared intently at the shadowy figure. “You’ll have t’ forgive me, greyface, but I don’ know what ye mean, ye’ll have t’ be more specific.”

A blush crawled onto Merry’s cheeks and he cleared his throat loudly. “It’s alright, Pip, you don’t need to know what it means. Let’s just say that you get those five bucks, grey face.”